Singapore Restaurants Go Halal

2017 April 23

A new trend is fastly growing up in the Singapore food culture probably because of all the talk about Muslims countries recently even if often actually in a bad way. Even the way the economy is heading to pushes the bigger part of the population to have more options.


“Fast food was a luxury for me growing up,” said Mr Mustaffa Kamal, co-founder of a trio of halal concept cafes in Kampong Glam. “Students today can afford to spend, say S$50 on breakfast.”, as you can read on 


In the past year alone, at least four companies have opened halal restaurants in Singapore, each offering a different cuisine. Swedish restaurant Fika introduced European bakery Konditori. British cafe The Mad Sailors opened in nearby Haji Lane at around the same time, following its Mexican brother Afterwit.


Apparently the Singaporeans are also very open mind about embracing and trying new food at least this is what the restaurants owners believe especially because for many people around the world food is just a necessity but in Singapore a dinner is a sort of big event.


Mr Mustaffa attributes the enthusiasm among the Muslim community here to the "forbidden fruit phenomenon", as the website continues.

The biggest challenge seems to be to offer something that will get near to the pork taste. Very hard if you want to satisfy also the non-halal customers.

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