Air China Near Miss Colission with Mountain on Hong Kong Lantau Island

2017 June 14

On June 4, Air China flight CA428 bound for Chengdu had a near miss collision with a mountain on Hong Kong's Lantau island shortly after taking off from Hong Kong International Airport.

According to the images taken from Flightradar24, Flight CA428 appeared to deviate from its flight path, showing the plane turning south towards Tai O village and surrounding mountains. The air traffic control had to issue an immediate warning and directions to the pilot to correct the flight path.


Flying at 3,400ft during the wrong turn, the plane was well below the minimum safe altitude for the area of 4,300ft, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP), citing a lawmaker from Hong Kong's Civic Party Jeremy Tam Man-ho.


In an audio recording shared by Tam to SCMP, an air traffic officer was reportedly heard issuing instructions to the pilot to "turn right immediately" and warning of "terrain ahead". When the pilot did not turn, the officer again warned of mountains ahead and ordered him to climb to an altitude of 5,000ft immediately.


Air China reportedly said that the flight crew had questions about the officer's directions, but due to a busy radio frequency, the pilot decided to turn while confirming the directions.


"Air China has been putting air safety as our top priority,” an Air China spokesperson was quoted as saying. “We will further strengthen our safety education.” 


The plane landed in Chengdu about two hours later.

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