Writer's Guideline


Eastasy is a crowd-sourcing media platform for Asian countries. We welcome all contributions from any writers and bloggers around the world. We seek original and creative contents about adventures, cultures, and people.

No idea what to write? Read through our Featured travel articles to get some ideas!


What to write

  1. Travel, culture, and lifestyle of Asian countries. But don't reveal too much about your personal life.
  2. Original articles for Eastasy, or your previous published works. If your article has been published in other media (including online forums and blogs), you should specify the source.
  3. Advertorial or sponsored articles are not allowed. Any advertorial materials can be deleted anytime without notice.
  4. Be nice. Cursing and libelous speeches are not nice. And don't copy others. You hate it too when people mimic you.
  5. We can reject or delete any articles if we think they do not belong in Eastasy.


How to submit

Click Write Now button on the top, or go to My Page > Write an Article. Each writer is allowed to submit up to 10 articles every month.


After submitting

  1. All submitted articles will be posted in Recently Submitted.
  2. You can edit your Submitted articles anytime in My Page > My Articles.
  3. Our editors will review and evaluate every article within 7 working days. If the article meets the minimum Your Pick criteria (see below), it will be accepted to Your Pick with a grade from A to E.
  4. If the article is rejected, you will be notified by email, so please sign up with a legit email. You can edit and submit it again.
  5. Once the article is accepted to Your Pick, any amendments will not be allowed and any disagreements will not be acknowledged.
  6. Your Pick articles with grade A will be candidates to be Featured on Eastasy (See below for some examples). The articles to be featured will be decided by our editors in accordance with Eastasy’s editorial policy.
  7. If your article is selected to be featured, you will be notified by email. Our editors might edit the title and contents of the article before we feature it.
  8. Sometimes, Eastasy may reuse Your Pick article's contents to compose a new article.


Your Pick criteria

To be accepted to Your Pick, each article must;
- Be longer than 300 words.
- Provide information or insight about Asian countries that benefits the readers.
- Contain at least 3 photos with the original size of not smaller than 500 X 300 pixels. See below for more information about Photograph.
- Not contain any harmful, pornographic or plagiarized materials.

* A good set of your own pictures will be an added advantage in the evaluation process.


Examples of Featured articles

For more examples, you can refer to our Featured travel articles.



  1. Photos should be related to the topics of the article. If you don't have a camera, use your mobile. If you don't have it too, you can find photos with reusable license from public domains.
  2. You should specify the original source of the photos even if it’s yours. And you should provide a link of the source if the photo is not yours.
  3. An article with any images without source will be rejected.
  4. The photo should not have any watermarks.
  5. All photos have to be uploaded to the server, instead of inserting URL of the image.



  1. You will earn credits when the article is accepted to Your Pick and when it’s Featured on Eastasy.
  2. The credit for Your Pick articles will be;
    Grade A: $5 (USD)
    Grade B: $4 (USD)
    Grade C: $3 (USD)
    Grade D: $2 (USD)
    Grade E: $1 (USD)
  3. If the article is Featured, you will earn additional credit of $10 (USD).
  4. To check the credit history, go to My Page > My Credit From Writing.
  5. You can choose to donate from 0% to 100% of the credits before writing (see Donation below).
  6. You can withdraw the credit at My Page > My Cash, after 10 days of processing period. However, if the article is found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions or Writer’s Guideline, the credit will be drawn back.
  7. Payments shall be transferred to your Paypal account. Each Paypal account can only be linked to ONE writer.
  8. Payments will be processed in 7 working days from the withdrawal request, and the transaction fee can be deducted from the payment. Please note that, due to restrictions imposed by Paypal, we are unable to pay residents of certain countries unless a special arrangement is made.



  1. Before writing an article, you can select the portion and organization you want to donate with the credits you will earn.
  2. To check the donation history, go to My Page > My Donation.
  3. Please find more details about our donation program or recommend your preferred charitable organizations to us at Forum > Board > Charity.


For other legal policies, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.