What is Eastasy

Eastasy is a crowd-sourcing travel & culture media platform providing real information from the locals.


Why we are here

Some paid-travellers go to other countries, stay for a few nights and write about their experience as if they know the place well enough to recommend to others. As a local, we found it very interesting, and we decided to give real information to the readers around the globe!

For that reason, we appreciate and believe the “REAL EXPERTS” - aka “LOCALS”.


Who makes Eastasy

We are completely open to anyone who can possibly give us an insight on anything, even the best ice cream vendor in your village! Just hop in and give us some local information.



You just shared your insight? You’ve got something more to share with others. While you can earn some money with your writings, you can also make a donation with Eastasy.

Your donation might be small, but that small amount is enough to make at least one person in need smile and make their world brighter.